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We started IKEA delivery service in 2006 with IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ. At the begining our shopping and delivery service got very popular. In June 18, 2008 IKEA opens new location at 1 Beard st, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Today you may find something from IKEA store almost in every apartment or office. Our idea is to make your IKEA shopping experience more effective, cheaper and faster.

This is the list of our services for IKEA:
1. IKEA pickingikea pick up
2. IKEA delivery
3. IKEA assembly
The most popular package is “Full Service”
Here is how it works:
1. You send to us IKEA “shopping list” to
(please include preferable delivery day, time, address and contact number)
2. Receive our quote within 15-30 minutes (if sent before 6pm)
3. Accept the quote and you are done

1. IKEA picking service rate is 10% of your total IKEA shopping list

2. Our IKEA delivery rates:
From IKEA Brooklyn to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn – $79
From IKEA Brooklyn to Bronx (after 125th st) Staten Island, Long Island – $125
3.IKEA furniture installation rates:


Step 1 – Click on “Add to Cart”
Step 2 – Change “QUANTITY” to match the dollar amount your paying
Step 3 – Click “Update cart”
Step 4 – Click “Proceed to Checkout”
Step 5 – Enter your billing information
Step 6 – Confirm Payment


IKEA Delivery to Manhattan – $79.00DSC02232
IKEA Delivery to Brooklyn – $79.00
IKEA Delivery to Queens – $79.00
IKEA Delivery to Bronx – $125.00

IKEA Delivery to Staten Island – $115.00 (toll included)

Delivery rate from IKEA Long Island to New York – $135.00

Delivery rate from IKEA Paramus, NJ to New York – $150.00

Delivery rate IKEA Elizabeth, NJ to New York – $135.00

Our team will put together any IKEA furniture and clean up (by request)
To make it quicker and more effective we always use own power tools.


All our teams are professional furniture assemblers and handymens.ikea kitchen
For quick assembly we use our tools and come with electrical drill to attach furniture to the wall. 
We have over 7 years experience of delivering and assembling all types of furniture.

You can have an experienced Furniture Assembly Technician at your doorstep within 48 hours.

Assembly rate is $30.00 per hour/per man (ALL INCLUDED)
There is NO additional charges if you want us to carry furniture to an apartment.

(tips are welcome)

Our team will put together any IKEA furniture and clean up (by request)
To make it quicker and more effective we always use own power tools.

Use your credit card to make a payment for our services. If you have more than 3 pieces of furniture to be assembled or

large projects like PAX wardrobes, closets, shelves, kitchen cabinets, floors we recommend use 2 technicians.


Value of merchandise / Assembly Price
to be assembled

0-$150                                  $79    ikea assembly
$150 – $300                       $120
$300 -$599                         $149
$600 – $999                      $249
$1000 – $1499                  $349
$1500 – $1999                  $459
$2000 – $2499                  $559
$2500 – $2999                  $669


For every $500 over $2,999 there will be an additional $100 fee
Additional pricing:
Wall mounting $20 per item
Sofas, Armchairs, and Footstools $39 per frame

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